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  1. [...] using a horizontal histogram directly onto the price chart.  This is very similar to the Market Profile structure, but VAP is strictly volume-based, whereas MP is price-based.  The display of [...]

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  3. [...] for the month of July is 1,098.50, thereby forming a clear area of confluence. Also, the monthly Value Area High (VAH) sits just above at 1,108 (not [...]

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  7. Xavier says:

    Sometimes minus development will line up with the floor trader pivots, providing us with low risk entries.

  8. [...] Market Profile Made Easy [...]

  9. dario says:

    Hi Frank

    i am reading “the Pivot Boss secrets” but i don’t understand whitch platform or tools i have to use to display “Money zone”. I use Metastock but there isn’t the money zone indicators. Can you explain me this ?

    Thanks so much