New Course!

The PEMA Trading Method

Hey folks!

I’m partnering with MarketGauge to provide another trading course this coming Wednesday – The PEMA Trading Method!

My new course is packed with money-making techniques that use familiar indicators that you probably already use…but not like this!

About the Course

What’s in store for you?

  • Identifying prime entry and exit zones
  • Spotting the best breakout candidates
  • Identifying trend-confirmed opportunities
  • 4 powerful setups
  • Advanced confirmation techniques
  • and more!

What’s great about these concepts is the fact they are easy to understand, which means YOU can put them to use immediately.

2-Minute Video

Oh, and there’s a 2-minute video you can watch, too! Check it out HERE!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Frank Ochoa

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2 thoughts on “New Course!

  1. Lawrence Giles

    I have read hundreds of trading books, yours is by far the best. I am using TradeStation. Would it be possible to have a programmer take your indicators and adapt them for TS users?
    If I subscribe to either one of your two platforms, are the indicators in your book available as add-in studies? Is there an additional cost?


    Larry Giles

  2. PivotBoss Post author

    Thanks for the GREAT feedback, Lawrence! You absolutely made my day 🙂

    I’ll email you shortly regarding your questions..


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