How PivotBoss Called the Recent Sell Off in the E Mini S&P 500

The last week of trading has seen the E-Mini S&P 500 fall from above 2100 back to the 2040s, and our Pre-Market Reports nailed the move! In our Premium Trading Room, we record these events and archive them, so our members are able to go back in time and see how and why I called the market the way I did. If you’ve been a Premium Member anytime during the first half of 2016, you know we’ve nailed the market with extreme accuracy throughout the year, and we do it all with a simple, yet powerful approach.

LAST FRIDAY, I even sent out a post with analysis from our trading room that called for a sell-off in the ES this week (the video also includes analysis for CL, ZB, NQ), which is also featured below in my tweet:

PivotBoss Pre-Mkt Reports Nail the ES

The video below stitches together our ES Sell recommendation using our FREE Pre-Market Reports from June 09 – 16, 2016, and concludes with an excerpt from our Premium Trading Room. These videos demonstrate Auction Market Theory and Volume Profiling in order to identify the developing trade opportunity in the ES with extreme precision, and these are concepts I teach every day.

Remember, my Pre-Market Reports are absolutely FREE, and are usually posted  to MY TWITTER FEED one hour before the 08:30am CT market open, so be sure to check them out each day. Enjoy the video!

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I hope you were able to take advantage of the recent sell-off! It’s time to stalk the next move. See you soon!


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