Failed Absorption and a Great Crude Oil Trade

We had a great day in the PivotBoss Premium Trading Room today, and the source of the excitement was our familiar Absorption Signature, which developed in Crude Oil and ultimately helped us identify a great trade with stunning precision on the entry, and each of the targets.


Want to see for yourself? Watch the video below, which shows our live, in-the-room analysis as the trade is developing. To sum it up nicely, Crude Oil dropped one full point from our sell level of 51.80, and only experienced a 1-tick adverse excursion. Check it out below:

Webinar Friday

Don’t forget, I’ll be speaking to the Denver Trading Group this Friday, Jan. 13th at 3:30pm Central (CLICK HERE to register for the event). Today’s action in Crude offers a perfect primer for the content we’ll be discussing Friday, which is “The Absorption Signature – a PivotBoss Signature Setup”. Click here for more details.

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Frank Ochoa
Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss


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