PivotBoss Signature Setup Series Begins Jan 17!

I’m excited to announce this week’s PivotBoss Signature Setup Series, which begins Tuesday, January 17! I’ll be teaching 5 of my favorite setups this week (the first setup is already posted to our Premium Dashboard!), and will teach one new setup live in the trading room each day. These are powerful setups that we commonly see and trade in our trading room, and are designed to help you identify great trading opportunities in all markets and timeframes.

PivotBoss EMini Analysis

Precision Calls in Gold and the NQ

Our pre-market RT Playbooks nailed Gold and the NQ this morning for our Premium Members, as our trade recommendations offered spot-on entries, with very little heat in the trade. Today’s calls in both the NQ and GC combined for gains of $2,200 per contract traded…with very little heat in the trades!

PivotBoss EMini Analysis

Premium Week in Review: 50-Point NQ Winner

Our Premium Members had a fantastic week! And I wanted to show off a few of our Playbook calls, which helped pave the way to solid moves off our key levels across several different futures contracts, including a 20-point move in Gold, a 10-handle move in the E-Mini S&P 500, and a beautiful 50-point rally in the E-Mini NASDAQ 100!