Is Silver Ready for a Breakout?

Silver has certainly participated in the Metals boom of the last two years, but all eyes have been on Gold during its historic push to new all-time highs. However, Silver has outpaced Gold 136% to 86% over the last 20 months and could be on the verge of another major breakout opportunity. Let’s take a look!

Cashing in on $CME

Last week I gave you 3 Reasons to Sell $CME – a stock that I believed was poised to head lower. Gladly, I took my own advice and netted nearly 10 points in $CME while I was on vacation!

3 Reasons to Sell $CME

The CME Group ($CME) has been a great swing trading stock lately, offering amazing moves in a matter of days. As I see it, this stock could be headed for another 20-point drop. I’ve got three reasons why.