Crude Oil

Failed Absorption and a Great Crude Oil Trade

We had a great day in the PivotBoss Premium Trading Room today, and the source of the excitement was our familiar Absorption Signature, which developed in Crude Oil and ultimately helped us identify a great trade with stunning precision on the entry, and each of the targets. Check out the video... [...]

Anticipating the Long Liquidation in Crude Oil

Today was a super active session in the market, which led to an exciting morning in the trading room. We captured a ton of great moments from today's room for our Replay playlist for Premium Members, but I thought I'd share the following video for everyone to see. This video includes our morning analysis for Crude Oil, and also shows how we identified the mid-morning long liquidation before it began to sell off. [...]

Anticipating the Crude Oil Short Squeeze

In case you wanted to see how we called the morning short squeeze in Crude Oil, you're in luck! Our Premium Members asked me to make this video available for replay at the Dashboard, but I also thought it would be nice for everyone to be able to see the types of analysis we use to identify certain moves in the market. [...]

UNLOCKED: Crude and Gold Combine for $3400

Another day, another couple of great moves in the Gold and Crude Oil markets! Our Premium Members received pre-market reports this morning that nailed both moves, one worth $1300 in Crude and the other worth $2100 in Gold. I thought you might like to see the reports for yourself, so I've unlocked them for you. [...]

Fed Day Trades and the Gold Rally

Wow, what a day in the market! The Fed's decision to not begin tapering was huge for the market today, as news of the decision led to massive rallies across commodity classes, including Crude Oil, Gold, FX futures, and of course the Index Futures markets. I've got some live analysis and trades for you below, in addition to some great calls in Gold, and also a FREE Webinar. Read on. [...]

Hello GOLD Rally!

Gold rallied BIG Thursday, as it seems the market began to move money out of stocks and into safety. On the second trading day of the month, I called for Gold to rally big into the end of the month. Halfway through the month, Gold is already within a handful of points of reaching the bottom end of my target range, which shows how truly strong that Gold move was yesterday. [...]

Watching 3140 in the NQ

The market continues to remain bullish, with each pullback leading to a high-probability buying opportunity, as was the case during Tuesday's market. The main level that I'll be focusing on today is 3140 in the NQ, the E-Mini NASDAQ 100 futures contract. [...]

Price is Coiling in the E-Mini NASDAQ

The market continues to trade near the overall highs of the year, which continues to show how impressively bullish this market has been. My focus remains to buy pullbacks within the corresponding bull trends of each of the markets I follow. The NASDAQ remains a major index to follow, as its tightly-coiled range suggests a major breakout move could be around the corner. [...]

Watch 1670 in the S&P

The S&P 500 futures are approaching a major level of support at 1670, with an additional band of support that spans from 1665 to 1666.25. How price responds to this zone could tell us how the market will react throughout much of the early part of the week. [...]
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