Dow Rejected at 11,650; More Selling Ahead

The mini Dow futures contract was rejected at significant resistance at 11,650 today, which triggered a heavy sell-off throughout the session. Recent history indicates more downside could be seen…

Major Sell-Off Ahead for the Dow?

The mini-sized Dow futures contract is beginning to show signs of impending weakness. Here’s why the Dow could drop several hundred points in the days ahead..

$AMZN is a Buy has been trending steadily higher for the better part of four months, paving the way for a great “buy the dip” opportunity during the current wave of strength. Read more..

A Weekly Outlook for the $SPX

The S&P 500 Index ($SPX) has been trending steadily higher since 1,040, rallying over 100 points in the last four weeks. However, price is beginning to show signs of weakness, which could lead to a near-term retracement soon. Here’s my outlook for the week..

$DJI to 10,600?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ($DJI) has remained within a resilient bull trend since the test at 10,000 in August, rallying 1,000 points from this level in five weeks. However, we could see a modest retracement before the next wave of strengh enters the market.