PEMA Breakout

2 Stocks to Watch

The PEMA Method has been offering amazing setups and entries in the current market environment. I've got two stocks that you'll want to keep an eye on using this amazing suite of entry triggers. Check 'em out! [...]

Is Crude Oil Due for a Breakout?

Crude Oil (CL) has had decent price swings over the last few months, but September has been fairly dry, thus far. However, Crude could be on the verge of a major breakout opportunity - one that could push price 12 points in the direction of the breakout! [...]

This Stock Could Move Big

Chipotle Mexican Grill ($CMG) has been an active mover for some time, most recently rallying from $127 to $154. However, bullish momentum seems to have dissipated at major resistance, which could spark another key sell-off in this stock. Here's why.. [...]

3 Stocks to Watch

The market is clearly winding up for a major breakout opportunity, as evidenced by the 1,000 point triangle that's building out in the $DJI. I've got three stocks to watch that are poised to move once direction is decided. [...]

Is a 1,000 Point Move Brewing in the Dow?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has experienced a wide range of price movement over the last two months of trading. However, the index now seems to be coiling up for a major breakout that could pave the way for a 1,000 point move. Here's why.. [...]

Is Silver Ready for a Breakout?

Silver has certainly participated in the Metals boom of the last two years, but all eyes have been on Gold during its historic push to new all-time highs. However, Silver has outpaced Gold 136% to 86% over the last 20 months and could be on the verge of another major breakout opportunity. Let's take a look! [...]